Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton (Writer)

Mark Hamilton is an American author, publisher, economist and political activist best known for his Neothink® Manuscripts on business, economics, politics, psychology, religion, health, self-improvement, and for his Neothink® Trilogy. Over two million Neothink® Manuscripts have been sold in over 200 countries in 12 languages to a selective audience over the past three decades.(1)

Mark Hamilton
mh-2007Mark Hamilton 2007
Born September 3, 1958
Pen Name Mark Hamilton
Occupation Writer, Mentor, Publisher,Political
Activist, Economist
Nationality American
Education Bachelor of Science, Economics
Minor in Journalism
Alma mater University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Neo-Tech® and Neothink®
The Neothink® Manuscripts
Spouse(s) Teri (1985-1989)
Grace (1990-Present)
Children 4
Signature mhsigniture

Hamilton founded the Neothink® Society think tank and its Neothink® Clubhouses and is known for mentoring his Neothink® members.(2) Hamilton founded the Twelve Visions Party, the political arm of the Neothink® Society. Hamilton is also the major founding partner with the late David Jin of the Grand Canyon Skywalk Development LLC, builders of the Grand Canon Skywalk Glass Bridge on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.(3)

1 Early Life
2 History of Writings
3 Works on Politics
4 Twelve Visions Party
5 Works on Economics
6 Works on Business
7 Works on Self-Improvement
8 Works on Psychology
9 Works on Religion
10 Works on Health
11 The Neothink® Trilogy
12 The Neothink® Society Think Tank
13 The Neothink® Clubhouses
14 A Secret Society (A Selective Membership)
15 Integrated Management Associates and I & O Publishing Company
16 Grand Canyon Skywalk

Early Life

Mark Hamilton is the son of American scientist, author, philosopher Dr. Frank R. Wallace. Dr. Wallace was a senior research chemist for E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Dr. Wallace is best known for his Neo-Tech® Discovery. Hamilton’s grandfather, Hamilton Ward, was a Supreme Court Justice for the State of New York, preceded by a prominent lineage of justices. (4)(5)(6)(7) Hamilton’s parents divorced when he was young, and he moved in with his father at 12 years old, about the time Dr. Wallace first began discovering Neo-Tech®. Hamilton grew up learning and living Neo-Tech®. He graduated with a Bacholor of Science in Economics (and minored in Journalism) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

History of Writings

Hamilton co-wrote his first book with Dr. Wallace and William S., Neocheating: The Rising Menace to Poker, Blackjack, Bridge and Gin in 1979. This book Neocheating is a metaphor for the rise of hard-to-detect neocheating in the political world. Hamilton published his second book Neo-Tech® Control: Rapid Power and Wealth Through Iron-Grip Control Over Everything That Moves in 1985. This book Neo-Tech® Control is Hamilton’s breakthrough time-management program. He published his third book (750-pages, two volumes) Neo-Tech® Cosmic Business Control in 1989. This book Neo-Tech® Cosmic Business Control is Hamilton’s definitive early work on Neo-Tech® before concentrating on his Neothink® works.

In 1991-1992 Hamilton tested the waters for a political run for president and wrote his first of two political manifestos A Future of Wealth Belongs To You (1992, 283 pages). In this political manifesto, Hamilton explored unique ideas such as replacing career-politicians with market-businesspersons (ideas that coincidentally supported the Ross Perot phenomenon that same year). Hamilton filmed an infomercial to disseminate A Future of Wealth Belongs To You without charge as a way to reach the people with his ideas. Inside his political manifesto, the reader was offered another Hamilton publication for $20, which would go straight toward purchasing more air time. Hamilton had hoped this novel campaign could compete with the two major parties. When billionaire businessman Perot entered the race, however, Hamilton sent his manifesto to the highly-leveraged Perot campaign and ended his own. Fifteen years later, Hamilton founded the Twelve Visions Party, for which he wrote his second, more comprehensive political manifesto The Life You Were Meant To Have (2007, 300 pages).

Hamilton’s Neo-Tech®/Neothink® works to date include:

Neocheating: The Rising Menace to Poker, Blackjack, Bridge and Gin (1979, 178 pages)
Neo-Tech® Control: Rapid Power and Wealth Through Iron-Grip Control Over Everything That Moves (1985, 80 pages)
The Grand Event (1987, 6 audiocassette tapes)
Neo-Tech® Cosmic Business Control: (1989, 750 pages, two volumes)
Happiness Forever (1990, 272 pages)
A Future of Wealth Belongs To You (1992, 283 pages)
The Kick-Start Report (1992, 50 pages)
Hot Tips: The Ultimate Guidebook (1993, 245 pages)
The Self-Leader (1993, 110 pages)
Will America Go Neo-Tech®? (1995, 450 pages)
God-Man/Neo-Tech® Decoded (1999, 1037 pages)
The First Immortals (retitled: Conceiving the Superpuzzle) (2000, 420 pages)
God-Like Powers (2002, 444 pages)
Twelve Visions (2002, 421 pages)
The Neothink® System (2004, 330 pages)
Putting Together the Pieces (2006, 400 pages)
Beholding the Puzzle-Picture (2006, 390 pages)
3000-Year-Old Secret (retitled: The Life You Were Meant To Have) (2007/2009, 300 pages)
Neothink® Inside Secrets (2011, 529 pages)
Forbidden Revelation (2012, 528 pages)
Neothink® Inner-Circle Secrets (2012, 965 pages)
Neothink® Superpuzzle (2013, 1216 pages)
The Prime Cure (2013, 2800 pages)

Hamilton’s works also appear in different publications and with Dr. Wallace’s works in several collaborative publications not listed above. Hamilton’s magnum opus is his 2800-page tome, The Prime Cure, a 33-year project that unveils a unique cause-and-effect formula to curing complex diseases including eventually curing the disease of aging. Hamilton’s fiction, the trilogy Superpuzzle (1200 pages), is known to move readers to tears.(8) Hamilton’s Twelve Visions (421 pages) projects what happens when we depoliticize America, the nonpolitical world he believes we should live in…the Twelve-Visions World, which was the impetus behind the name of his political party. Many people claim Hamilton’s Neothink® writings are life-changing(9)(10).

Works on Politics

Hamilton’s political works claim that every political system that has ever existed ultimately allows the use of initiatory force by government, eventually giving rise to a ruling class, even in America; and Hamilton asserts that government’s use of force and its ruling class only grow over time as “the virulent disease of civilization.” Hamilton built the Twelve Visions Party (i.e., the political arm of the Neothink® Society) on the Prime Law that eradicates initiatory force throughout society and government:


By eradicating initiatory force (via a Prime-Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution), Hamilton projects how the dynamics of civilization would change as the rule of man vanishes. He describes in detail how eradicating the rule of man would depoliticize and, therefore, free science, research, and business, “spawning a Great Technological Revolution that would drive down costs and drive up standards of living.” Universal wealth and health by depoliticizing and freeing science, research, and business is Hamilton’s political theme, and his Twelve Visions Party Platform is titled: Make Everyone Wealthy and Healthy, Including the Poor.(11)

Twelve Visions Party

Hamilton has a long history of political influence reaching back to his first book Neocheating the Rising Menace (178 pages, 1979), a metaphor for hard-to-detect neocheating in politics…and his Government Capture Discovery in his third book: Neo-Tech® Cosmic Business Control (750 pages, 1989). In 1991-1992, although a year too young to run, he tested the waters for a presidential run and published his first of two political manifestos, A Future of Wealth Belongs To You. Fifteen years later, in early 2007, Hamilton announced to his Neothink® Society members the formation of the Twelve Visions Party built upon the Prime Law that, he says, for the first time in political history eradicates initiatory force within government itself, which he says would for the first time eradicate the rule of man and a ruling class of society. In June of 2009, the Twelve Visions Party held its first National Convention in Chicago where Hamilton’s party platform was delivered and adopted: Make Everyone Wealthy and Healthy, Including the Poor.(12) In the 2012 general election, the Twelve Visions Party’s first presidential candidate Jill Reed and running mate Tom Cary were essentially tied for seventh place among 3rd parties.(13) In 2013, there was a third choice on the ballot for John Kerry’s senator seat, Richard Heos of the Twelve Visions Party.(14)

Hamilton considers his Twelve Visions Party the only third party relevant to every American today because he explains it is America’s Safety Net: “If America suffers an economic collapse, only the Prime-Law-based Twelve Visions Party can catch her fall and lift her back up and onto unforeseen prosperity.”(15) Hamilton’s popular book Twelve Visions shows us what to expect in a world based on this new dimension of no initiatory force, no rule of man, no ruling class, which he points out has never been experienced on our planet.

Works on Economics

Hamilton writes that whereas the rise of the division of labor caused the Industrial Revolution, and manufacturing costs were driven down as standards of living were driven up, the division of labor should have stayed with manufacturing and was a mistake in business (beyond manufacturing). He points out that many businesses are divided by the division of labor, which he says cuts off our creative minds as our jobs are often broken down into physical movements of labor with specialized tasks and set responsibilities, broken down into close-ended routine-ruts with no input from our minds. He writes that this is a major obstacle that prevents the human race from reaching its full human potential. Whereas dividing manufacturing into physical movements was a boon for mass-production, he says that the division of labor in business (beyond production) has caught many people in stagnation-traps — in routine-rut jobs based more on physical movements than mental input. He writes that most jobs are stagnant, close-ended jobs of labor as opposed to stimulating, open-ended jobs of the mind thriving from our creative input. The proper division of business, Hamilton writes, is NOT the division of labor; it is a division that nurtures our minds and absorbs our creative input, which opens up our human potential. He developed an entirely new business structure called the Division of Essence; he invented this new business structure so that every job can have a piece of the company’s essence, bringing man’s creative mind into every single job at every level of the business (as opposed to the physically-based, dead-end jobs in most companies today, he writes.) His writings lay out how the Division of Essence in business could spark a boon to success on a personal and company and national level as employees experience open-ended jobs that stimulate creative input as opposed to close-ended routine ruts stagnating under specialized tasks and staid responsibilities. Hamilton’s economic works assert that, as each person grows in the Division of Essence, so does the company…and, in turn, so does the economy.

Hamilton claims the Division of Essence that captures mankind’s creativity will be as much of a boon to business and the economy in the 21st century as the Division of Labor was to manufacturing during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. He predicts that a coming “Great Technological Revolution” rising from the Division of Essence (and the eradication of the political rule of man) will dwarf the Industrial Revolution that rose from the Division of Labor (and freer societies). His socioeconomic writings assert that standards of living will soar as society evolves into Hamilton’s Neothink® business and political structures.

Works on Business

Hamilton’s Neothink® Business System begins with the Self-Capture Discovery that brings the ordinary person a Neothink® breakthrough, time-management system. Hamilton’s mini-day system multiplies productivity by breaking down one’s day-to-day work into its physical movements, not unlike an assemblyline. Hamilton says to approach your day as manufacturing success and wealth, so lay out your day via the most successful manufacturing breakthrough in history: the assemblyline. Then he shows how to accelerate your assemblyline of manufacturing success and wealth by feeding future projects into today’s mini-days through a Neothink® tool called the mini-day/power-thinking team.

Hamilton then presents his Company-Capture Discovery that puts the start-up company through his Neothink® breakthrough Division of Essence. He teaches that every job in the startup company (or any company of any size) will thrive from each employee’s greatest asset: his or her mind. Hamilton writes that people’s greatest assets, the human race’s greatest asset — our creative minds — are overlooked and wasted in most businesses today. He argues that most jobs today just use our bodies to perform specialized tasks and do not tap our human potential — our creative minds. Hamilton works to “reverse that tragedy so that ordinary people caught in routine ruts can discover the creation-driven life.” His Company-Capture Discovery describes how setting up business through the Division of Essence, through Hamilton’s mini-companies (that all have a piece of the company’s essence), the entrepreneur or CEO successfully taps his or her employees’ greatest assets — their creative minds. Hamilton describes how employees and businesses will rise beyond stagnation…into creation, and he points out that creation begets profits.

Next Hamilton delivers his World-Capture Discovery that encourages business leaders to take their companies to new levels of success. He explores the highest positions in companies today and presents his Neothink® breakthroughs involving the CEOs and presidents, describing how the physical company itself impedes the CEOs’ and presidents’ greatest assets — their own creative minds. Hamilton makes the counterintuitive breakthrough called the company-without-a-company/without-a-country. Essentially, a Level-Three CEO needs to physically separate from the company, and eventually the company itself needs to separate from its country, he writes, to discover unrestricted new realms of success. Hamilton provides compelling evidence and examples, such as ITT, initially a small U.S. company that went global from the very beginning, in 1914, and grew to a multi-billion-dollar worldwide company.(16) Hamilton also demonstrates how his own tiny startup company has grown worldwide. Hamilton writes that the company-without-a-company frees the CEO to create and move forward without taking his/her creative time dealing with everyday company issues. He writes that the company-without-a-country breaks the CEO’s vision from a limited “geocentric” perspective to an unlimited “heliocentric” perspective for worldwide growth. Hamilton provides the Neothink® tools needed to take those leaps.

Works on Self-Improvement

Hamilton links our personal limitations to man’s widespread, residual following-mode mentality still lingering from primitive man, “a deep-rooted primitive mentality that follows external commands as opposed to internally integrating knowledge to lead oneself.” Hamilton teaches how to leap past that widespread limitation into integrated thinking and then Neothinking, in which the mind brings together and integrates knowledge piece by piece, like building a puzzle…until a new puzzle-picture is seen…a new creation. The consistent theme of Hamilton’s self-improvement writings is: teach ordinary people who are stuck and stagnating in following-mode routine ruts how to shift into the integrating mode to create values. He writes that man was not made for stagnation and slowly dies from stagnation, whereas man was made for creation and lives the life he/she was meant to live through creating values. Hamilton writes that the creation-driven life is the life we were born for, and man breaks through to a creation-driven life by leaving behind the following mode and evolving into the integrating mode…and onto the new mentality Neothink®; then instead of merely following the instructions of one’s leaders at work and in government, Hamilton writes, the ordinary person becomes the Self-Leader integrating knowledge to lead oneself, building puzzle-pictures to create values — the route to a happy and wealthy life.

Works on Psychology

Hamilton’s writings on psychology reach back to Princeton professor and psychologist, the late Dr. Julian Jaynes’ work on the origin of human consciousness, which advances the theory that up until a few thousand years ago, man existed with a “bicameral-mind mentality” that merely followed the commands of “external” authority (i.e., God-kings, oracles, audio-hallucinated “voices” of the Gods)…then two to three thousand years ago, survival pressures caused a mental leap into the superior cognitive, decision-making, internal-authority mentality known as human consciousness.(17) Hamilton describes what he calls another mental leap occurring right now on the human timeline…a mental leap into a new puzzle-building mentality that begets creativity. Hamilton named this new mentality Neothink® (i.e., new think). He says Neothink® reaches far beyond today’s mentality through wide-scope integrated thinking that pulls together vast amounts of knowledge and snaps it together like puzzle pieces, which lock into place like a puzzle, creating puzzle-pictures of new knowledge. This unique thinking process begins with integrated thinking as opposed to specialized thinking that he says traps most people today in specialized jobs with specialized tasks and no room for creative input. Hamilton’s work is designed to lift his readers from their deep-rooted bicameral tendencies, from the pervasive, residual following mode, just following their daily routines while stuck in specialized thinking. His work is designed to lift his readers up to the self-leader mode using integrated thinking to lead oneself and rise to a creation-driven life. His work explores how specialized thinking like a bizarre form of hypnosis narrows our minds down to our set routines, our set tasks and staid responsibilities as we merely follow our daily patterns. He emphasizes how easily we fall into that bicameral-like existence. He writes that integrated thinking, by contrast, breaks our minds free from those bicameral roots as we pull together knowledge, observations, thoughts, tests, results, ideas piece by piece into a growing puzzle of power within the job or project, and as the puzzle grows, a puzzle-picture — a creation — begins to form within our mind’s eye. He says we create through this process, and his writings are designed to bring the human race step by step into this new, creative mentality known as Neothink®. Hamilton writes that the new Neothink® mentality not only creates values, but also allows us to see and shape our future, for as with any forming puzzle-picture, a point will come when you know what the puzzle-picture will look like even before all the pieces are in place. Those missing pieces, he says, are the future, and the Neothink® mentality already knows what they look like to effectively see and create one’s future. In short, Hamilton asserts that the new Neothink® mentality enables us to create values and to create our futures, a psychological leap forward for human beings.

Works on Religion

Hamilton presents the major events throughout the Bible in chronological order and writes that each of those events represents a major forward leap in the transition from the ancient bicameral mind to human consciousness. Hamilton explains that Abraham making the remarkable leap from polytheism to monotheism (around 1850 BC) and having a one-on-one relationship with God was a critical initial step toward individuality in the transition from the externally-guided bicameral mind toward internally-guided human consciousness. Next Hamilton explains that Moses (six hundred years later) and the Ten Commandments introduced choice to man, which was void in the automatic following-mode bicameral mentality and was the next critical step in the transition from the automaton, the bicameral mind toward self-control, human consciousness. Hamilton then writes that David, two and a half centuries later, brought us the third major shift in bicameral man’s mental structure as he began to turn inward into the self with the first use of the word “I” in any literature (within the Psalms, several written by David) four hundred years before “I” appears again in literature. Hamilton says the hallmark of human consciousness is the ability to look inward, to introspect…not possible in the bicameral mentality that only reacted to external stimuli. Hamilton then writes that the next major shift came on the heels of the destruction of Judah four centuries after King David as the devastating exodus of the Jews (after the prophets’ warnings) led to the greatest shift of man’s mental structure…the shift inward into introspection. Hamilton writes that bicameral man made these major evolutionary leaps toward that inner mindspace known as human consciousness, captured and chronicled throughout the stories of the Old Testament, culminating in questions on morality and justice in the Book of Job; but not until Jesus and the New Testament, he writes, would the full transition into human consciousness occur. Hamilton writes that Jesus completes the transition into the fully functioning conscious mind, the mind leading itself, making decisions involving morality and justice, capable only from a fully conscious mind. Hamilton posits the hypothesis that the historical Jesus had personally made the leap from the bicameral mind to the fully conscious mind and his ministry among the countryside peasants (still a bicameral population) was an ongoing effort to bring them through the major leap into human consciousness (in order to protect them from being taken advantage of by the fully conscious, educated elite). Hamilton points out that the conscious mind was capable of introspection and making decisions…and controlling others. By contrast, the bicameral mind, according to Princeton Professor Dr. Julian Jaynes, was only capable of following orders from “external” authority. Hamilton writes that Jesus’ teachings to the lowly bicameral peasants threatened the establishment power structure, which led to his crucifixion. Hamilton hypothesizes that Jesus’ “son of God” and “one with God” expressions were metaphors for leaping from the bicameral mentality to the God-like conscious mentality that could make decisions and lead oneself (as opposed to following the voices of the gods and leaders). Indeed, Hamilton echoes Jaynes’ findings that the bicameral mind had an executive, its God (i.e., the audio-hallucinated voices/commands of one’s Ka or God) and a follower, the man (i.e., automatically following the voices/commands of one’s Ka/God). Hamilton says that the biblical Jesus fully represents the executive merging with the follower, God merging with man, indeed the conscious mind whereby man became one with God, whereby human consciousness made its own commands one would follow…God and man merging together into one, into God-Man. Hamilton refers to the historical Jesus as one of the early iconic Neothink® Self-Leaders, a God-Man, and he refers to the Bible as history’s chronology of mankind’s evolution into human consciousness.

Works on Health

Hamilton believes that major diseases including aging itself can be cured through a complex cause-and-effect formula that he worked 33 years to complete in his 2800-page magnum opus The Prime Cure. He lays out the major psychological and political shifts that he says need to occur in order to bring about the motivation and freedom needed to achieve these cures, and he provides the systems, steps, and structures needed to make those shifts. Hamilton writes that most people are stagnating in limited job structures, and being trapped in increasing stagnation means their demand for significantly longer life is low. This psychological obstacle to desiring longer life moved Hamilton into the business world to develop a cure to people’s stagnant lives. After several years, Hamilton developed a new division-of-essence business/job structure that, he maintains, lifts people up to creation-driven lives, “the lives they were meant to live that end their stagnation.” He asserts that their happy and profitable creation-driven lives bring on the desire and growing demand for significantly longer lives, and such growing demand motivates businesses and scientists to aggressively pursue longevity and life-extension cures. But he contends that those businesses and scientists are blocked, for he identified a second major obstacle blocking those health and life-extension cures, which he says is political — the laws, regulations, litigation, journalists, and ethicists retarding progress. This political obstacle moved Hamilton into the political world to develop a solution to “those overwhelming roadblocks preventing the rapid progress and market access needed to cure most major diseases.” Hamilton says that he ultimately developed his Prime-Law-based political movement in order to eventually remove this political/regulatory obstacle. By depoliticizing America, he writes, research and development would be free to flow at the speeds necessary to cure complicated diseases. Without political-agenda laws and regulations retarding progress and adding great research costs and risks, Hamilton writes, then unprecedented money would pour into research and development programs. Consequently, he envisions the supply of life-saving cures would rise to the demand for healthier, longer lives. In a nutshell, Hamilton’s formula for curing major, complex diseases is: remove people’s stagnation and remove the laws and regulations retarding progress, and the supply of cures to most diseases including aging would rapidly rise to the demand. What follows is a clip from a newsletter about Mark Hamilton and his cure for aging:

“A renown, youthful author did not like the idea of getting older. He never did like that idea; he did not like seeing his dad grow old. Even as a child, it bothered him seeing his grandparents grow feeble and old. And worse, it saddened him deeply to think about his children someday growing old. The thought burdened him that everyone, everyone, grew old and faded away. He knew most people accept growing old as the natural order. But he never felt growing old was something ‘natural’ that he could accept. The writer knew that all devastating diseases were/are ‘natural’ — they all came about through nature. Mankind works hard to overcome and eradicate those diseases that ravage our bodies, and the writer viewed growing old as a disease that ravages our bodies — indeed, eventually destroys our bodies. He passionately felt that mankind should tackle and overcome this disease. But the great ‘polio-like push’ never came. So he researched everything he could find about the old-age disease called aging. He researched for decades.   He eventually broke through and discovered that a cure was possible! His stunning ‘Prime Cure’ is not some ingestible gimmick, and it is not a spiritual epiphany. His ‘Prime Cure’ comes from left field and blindsides science — it is something never even considered before: DEMAND and SUPPLY. The renown writer had graduated college with a degree in economics, and he knew the power behind the age-old economics axiom: supply & demand. He said to imagine people so wealthy, stimulated and engaged with life that they need, want, DEMAND longer life; and to imagine society so free, stimulated and unhindered by regulations that it aggressively pursues, meets and SUPPLIES that demand for longer life. (Today the medical research and development industries are hogtied with debilitating regulations.) He explained that supply and demand is extraordinarily powerful when allowed to function uninhibited, unhindered. The writer, Mark Hamilton, presents in his Prime Cure a new knowledge that provides the fast track to a wealthy creative life — the life we were meant to live. Raising the masses’ desire and demand for longer life is the prime ingredient that activates the formula: Indeed, a wealthy, exhilarating creative-driven life with freedom from miserable stagnation creates the DEMAND for long, long life! The techniques in his nearly 3000-page manuscript The Prime Cure lift the ordinary person with average income…up to an extraordinary person soaring well beyond average income. Enjoying the freedom and adventures that wealth and creativity can bring (and success can attract) lifts one’s excitement and experience of life to an ecstasy never felt before…never before in one’s ho-hum average routine rut. People discover a whole new, stimulating existence — not unlike the extraordinary billionaires — that they cannot get anywhere else and cannot let go of. With their wealth and stimulating larger-than-life adventures, they find themselves cringing at the thought of succumbing to the old-age disease. Enjoying the great adventures of fortune and freedom and hanging with the beautiful people…well, the thought of growing old and feeble repels them. They DEMAND longer life! And with growing demand comes growing pressure to supply the demand. Indeed, Mark Hamilton’s nearly 3000-page manuscript removes the blockages of the freedoms needed for mankind and medicine to develop and SUPPLY the cure to the old-age disease. There is nothing like Hamilton’s stunning manuscript that delivers the only fast-track to the wealthy creative-driven life, the only fast-track to freedom, and the only real cure to aging.”

In his extensive health writings, Hamilton also provides a unique weight-loss diet to help people lose weight comfortably.

The Neothink® Trilogy

Hamilton’s 1200-page trilogy, Superpuzzle, is fiction blended with fact and an “unbroken line of logic”, which Hamilton calls faction. In Superpuzzle, Hamilton paints a picture of what the world would be like “when seeing past today’s many illusions to what is.” In that world based on Hamilton’s Neothink® business and job structures, on Hamilton’s Neothink® political and economic structures, on Hamilton’s Neothink® health formulas, the people are creative, wealthy, healthy, eternally happy and motivated for eternal life. Hamilton pulls together his extensive Neothink® breakthroughs and snaps them together like puzzle pieces into a superpuzzle that reveals a puzzle-picture never seen before: life in Hamilton’s Twelve-Visions World. The demand for longer life and the freedom to supply that demand against all odds takes the reader on a journey. Hamilton spent nine years writing Superpuzzle. The 1200-page trilogy enables people to feel the emotions of and to experience what it would be like approaching, entering and then living in the Twelve-Visions World.

The Neothink® Society Think Tank

Hamilton’s Neothink® Society holds daily national conference-call meetings for its members, often two or three meetings a day — meetings in different subjects of life, based on Hamilton’s writings. Some of the regular Neothink® meetings include business, politics (the Twelve Visions Party), psychology, self-improvement, health, art (a cadre of Neothink® Artists), and literature. Hamilton’s hand-chosen Neothink® Mentors host the meetings and teach/discuss Hamilton’s Neothink® breakthroughs, and they field questions.


Mark Hamilton Mentors His Neothink® Members

The Neothink® Clubhouses

Hamilton established physical congregations — the Neothink® Clubhouses — around the world where his members could meet in person, where his mentors could teach and discuss his writings with members, and where all could benefit from the social interaction and enjoy both physical and intellectual relationships. He started the Neothink® Clubhouse program in 2007, and the Clubhouses have proliferated throughout America and other countries around the world.

A Secret Society (A Selective Membership)

For thirty-five years, the only persons who could read Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® Manuscripts had to first be invited into the Neothink® Society via a specially selected, first-class letter in the mail. There was no other way to access Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® Manuscripts. The Neothink® Society had a complex selection process that involved computer algorithms, profiling, cross referencing, and constant meetings among the Neothink® Society staff. Carefully selected individuals were often surprised and disoriented when approached out of the blue, invited into a secret society…and some reacted with disbelief and sometimes with distrust, erroneously concluding the unexpected invitation was not sincere, rather “a scam,” which stimulated some online backlash (with the advent of the internet) from suspicious nominees not trusting their unexpected invitation letters. Nevertheless, the Neothink® Society maintained a rigid selection process for decades and remained a protected secret society due to the penetrating, establishment-challenging nature of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® literature.

If the potential, profiled nominee responded to the initial invitation letter, then he or she was sent an orientation booklet, an induction into the Neothink® Society, and the opportunity to purchase Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® Manuscripts. For over three decades, the Neothink® Society maintained this rigid and expensive nomination/induction process prior to accessibility to Hamilton’s Neothink® Manuscripts. Starting in 2014, three-and-half decades after Mark Hamilton wrote his first book, the general public can see portions of (and then directly purchase) Hamilton’s Neothink® Manuscripts (on line)(18). For the first time, Hamilton’s works may be seen by those beyond his two million loyal readers in his Neothink® Society.

Integrated Management Associates and I & O Publishing Company

Both Mark Hamilton’s and Frank R. Wallace’s writings historically challenge and reveal certain flaws and dishonesties of the establishment in business, politics, and religion. For example, Hamilton’s works identify what he calls “the white-collar hoax” in business: certain middle and upper management personnel in big business whom Hamilton exposes as frauds parasitically living off and draining the business while pulling in substantial salaries, bonuses and prestige. Hamilton also identifies a similar fraud occurring in government among certain politicians and bureaucrats parasitically living off and draining the country while pulling in large salaries, perks and prestige. Hamilton’s father, Dr. Wallace, also reveals such frauds in business, politics, and religion.

In 1968, Dr. Wallace founded I & O Publishing Company and self-published his best-selling poker book Poker: A Guaranteed Income For Life. Few realized at the time that this book was a metaphor for life — for Neo-Tech®, which was Dr. Wallace’s next undertaking. Soon Warner Books published the profitable paperback poker book (and Crown published the hardcover poker book), and it became the best-selling poker book of all time.(19) But when Dr. Wallace released Psychuous Sex in 1976 and The Neo-Tech® Discovery in 1980, his writings had become too controversial and too anti-establishment for Warner Books and the other large, establishment New York publishers. From that point forward, all of Dr. Wallace’s and Hamilton’s writings were published by I & O Publishing Company.

Mark Hamilton rose to editor-in-chief of I & O, then to CEO and President, inventing and using his division-of-essence Neothink® Business System for rapid growth. Neo-Tech® and Neothink® expanded distribution into over 200 countries in 12 languages with the help of Eric Savage (Hamilton’s brother and Dr. Wallace’s son)(20). In 1986, the I & O writing offices were raided by the Internal Revenue Service, and Dr. Wallace went to court to fight what he called a politically motivated agenda in his two trials that introduced the Honesty Oath.(21)(22) In 1990, Dr. Wallace began his prison sentence. In the words of Dr. Wallace, “I was punished in prison for my political beliefs.”(23) I & O was under enormous government pressures, and CEO Mark Hamilton decided to let it go and start his own company.

In 1990, Hamilton founded Integrated Management Associates. To this day, Integrated Management Associates publishes the Neothink® and Neo-Tech® Manuscripts and performs the business of the Neothink® Society. Hamilton made the decision, underscored by the I & O/Dr. Wallace experience, to keep the Neo-Tech®/Neothink® movement within a private, secret society with selective, invitation-only admittance. Until the year 2014, all Neo-Tech® and Neothink® writings could not be seen or purchased by the general public. Instead, the Neothink® Society would invite, through its selective profiling process, carefully chosen persons who would receive a first-class letter unexpectedly and without warning in the mail. If the prospect responded to the invitation letter, then an orientation booklet and induction would follow in the mail. Not until then could the prospect purchase Hamilton’s Neothink® Manuscripts. And not until members had read four of Hamilton’s Neothink® Manuscripts would they be considered prepared enough for, thus offered the deep, intense Neo-Tech® Manuscripts. Integrated Management Associates handles all business transactions for the Neothink® Society.

Today Integrated Management Associates is a Neo-Tech®/Neothink® publishing company, the business arm of the Neothink® Society, and has published several authors including Mark Hamilton, Dr. Frank R. Wallace, Eric Savage, Tracy Alexander, Drew Ellis, Matt Keys, Margot Scott, Brett Peters, Neil Lock, Jim Lord, volunteer Carl Watner, philosopher Yasuhiko Kimura, and Ted Nicholas.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Hamilton has said that he read Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead as a boy and fell in love with the art of architecture, which he says stayed with him into adulthood, and when he one day saw on the front page of The USA Today a majestic rendering of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glimmering glass bridge cantilevered over the edge of the Grand Canyon, he immediately tracked down the creator David Jin.(24) The two hit it off and Hamilton became Jin’s major financial partner and design partner, spending marathon sessions together designing the large 25,414 square foot building that houses the Glass Bridge.(25) Hamilton has said that designing that building was the only activity beyond spending time with his family that ever pulled him away from his writings, the Neothink® Society, and the Twelve Visions Party. Unfortunately, because of an ongoing lawsuit between the Hualapai Tribe and the Grand Canyon Skywalk Development LLC, the large, artistic building is not complete and its construction is stalled.(26)(27)(28)(29)(30)

Canyon Skywalk
Grand Canyon Skywalk


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Author: Neothink on April 12, 2014